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Introducing... A Business Mastermind Like No Other.

For Nature Loving, High-Performing Entrepreneurs


For Nature Loving, High-Performing Entrepreneurs
**Spots are extremely limited & each applicant is vetted extensively as we have a no douche policy**
"I'd recommend this Montana Mastermind for somebody who kind of feels like they're in a little bit of a rut right now. Someone who wants to challenge themselves, connect with an amazing group of entrepreneurs, and ultimately expand their experiences. That's what this is all about!"
John Lee Dumas
Host Of #1 Business Podcast "Entrepreneurs On Fire" & 8 Figure Entrepreneur
Tim Calise
"Greatest mastermind I’ve ever been to."
Tim Calise
Business Coach & Investor, Former #2 to Alex Hormozi & GymLaunch/ALAN
"This allows for an unprecedented amount of results and connection that couldn’t be facilitated in any other format."
Garret Gunderson
Wealth Strategist, Comedian, NYT & WSJ Bestselling Author




Epic 5 Days, 4 Nights business mastermind backcountry camping adventure, mixin’ business and pleasure, hiking in and out 10 + miles to basecamp


15 high-performing male entrepreneurs making 6 (minimum), 7, and 8 figures annually who all pass the “beer test” and are looking to connect with other badass entrepreneurs through this unique wilderness experience. 


Montana backcountry wilderness at a classified location. (Fly in and out of Bozeman Int’l Airport)


  • July 16th-21st, 2024
  • August 20th-25th, 2024
  • COMING SOON: (Entrepreneurial Couples Backpacking Edition – Apply for the waitlist)


Epic 5 Days, 4 Nights business mastermind backcountry camping adventure, mixin’ business and pleasure, hiking in and out 10 + miles to basecamp


15 high-performing male entrepreneurs making 6 (minimum), 7, 8, and 9 figures annually who all pass the “beer test”


Montana backcountry wilderness (Fly in and out of Bozeman Int’l Airport)


  • July 16th-21st, 2024
  • August 20-25th, 2024
  • COMING SOON: (Entrepreneurial Couples Backpacking Edition – Apply for the waitlist)

TRuly The trip of a lifetime

Mixin’ biz & Pleasure in the wildnerness





Learn the art of fly fishing from expert fly fishermen + get your own fly rod kit to keep so you can have a hobby for life.

Master primitive survival skills (fire, shelter, water purification, navigation, hunting, gathering and much more) so you can share with your family and friends how to thrive in the woods.

Acquire training on how to shoot a primitive longbow & arrow + a super fun archery competition... talk about a primal skill that is worth having.

Organic food and drinks prepared by amazing professional backcountry chef, delicious & nutrious!

Business mastermind breakout sessions with muilt-million dollar entrepreneurs that typically get paid thousands per hour for consulting services.

High-quality video & photo content for you to use freely in your business afterwards... this alone could be worth the trip admission!

Advanced daily primal biohacker workouts and training from expert biohackers.

Campfire cookouts and comedic stories with non-stop laughter. Plus a game night you'll always remember.

Bask in the regenerative healing power of amazing natural thermal hotsprings.

Guided Breathwork & Meditations that will take you into the deepest parts of your soul in order to mine the gold that has been hidden by the busyness of everyday life. Plus plenty of downtime to just chill in the still!

Natural Cold Plunges like you've never experienced that are sure to decrease stress levels and increase blood flow... you will feel like a million bucks and fully alive.

Unique Gratitude Journaling prompts & Visioneering exercises that will help unlock your greatest gifts so you can return to civilization with newfound downloads & laser-like clarity.


Correy Hawk

US Marine, Primitive Survival Expert, Founder of Organic Archery, featured on History Channel’s hit show ALONE where he survived in the Arctic. He will be teaching primitive survival skills on how to not only survive but thrive in the wilderness. Plus he is an amazing archer who will be sharing his passion for hunting and archery throughout.

Cary Jack

Founder of The Happy Hustle, Top .5% Globally Ranked Podcast Host, Author, Eco-Outdoorsman, Martial Artist, Expert Fly Fisherman, and Experienced Woodsman who will be hosting event itinerary, leading the charge from activity to activity while simultaneously cracking cheesy one-liners. 

Hazen Audel

Hazen is a TV presenter, biologist, natural history guide artist and craftsman. Following the success of Survive the Tribe, his National Geographic channel series, Primal Survivor, documented his adventures living with and working alongside indigenous people in remote regions of the world. He is a Happy Hustler and will be sharing his love for nature and extensive primitive survival knowledge while in the wilderness. 

Mark D'Ambrosio

Lifelong outdoorsman and world class survival instructor. Marine Corps Scout Sniper veteran with 10+ years experience conducting Reconnaissance and Scout Sniper operations. Alone Season 7 contestant. He’s also an entrepreneur of his own wine company. He’ll be teaching wilderness survival and sharing his knowledge and love for the outdoors.

Grant Kendzior

Founder of Ecopreneur Evolution, United Nations Speaker, Climate Reality Fellow, Fly Fishing Expert, Camping Pro, Heart-Centered Bro who will be helping run the business masterminds in the wilderness. He has extensive knowledge in the sustainability industry and will be sharing his passion for protecting our Earth throughout.

Chef Austin Brown

Backcountry Culinary Expert, Professional Celebrity Chef, 7-Figure Entrepreneur, Eagle Scout, Medically Licensed Woodsman, Avid Hunter and all around awesome dude who will be not only cooking up delicious food in the wilderness but teaching skills all the while. Literally some of the best food you’ve ever eaten anywhere tastes even better while in the middle of nowhere!


M Testimonials 1

I’d recommend it to anybody that’s exhausted, overworked, tired, potentially burnt out.”

Alex Schulze

(Co-Founder and CEO of 4ocean)

M Testimonials 2

“This was what the body and the soul needed. So I would absolutely go on the Happy Hustle Mastermind Adventure again.”

Craig Collins

(CEO of Mindful Health, LLC)

M Testimonials 3

“The Happy Hustle experience is for people who maybe had a crossroads in their life. They’re burnt out and they need a recalibration. I feel totally recalibrated after this.”

Stephen Thayer

(Psychologist,Therapist, Coach)

M Testimonials 4

This experience has been amazing, both personally and professionally, personally, because this experience is beautiful.”

Taylor Morgan

(Marine Corps Veteran, Holistic Lifestyle Specialist, Podcast Host, and Founder of The Captain’s Lifestyle Program)

M Testimonials 5

“If you’re someone who feels like you’re attached to your phone, if you’re someone who feels like you are married to your business, if you are someone who feels like you can never get away from just the rat race and the hustle, you have to do this.”

Derek Wilson

(Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, Founder of Primal King)

Kent Ritter

“I’m leaving with just so many reminders, when so many of these guys are extremely spiritual, extremely just open and willing to share and I thought that was just really moving powerful for me.”

Kent Ritter

(MultiFamily Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Podcaster, CEO of Hudson Investing)

Mark Dhamma

Try to think of clarity and really bond with the entrepreneurs. That relationship I believe will last a lifetime.”

Mark Dhamma

(High-Performance Health & Mindset Coach)


“Just do it. It will reset how you feel. I can’t wait to go back to the world to take what I’ve learned into normal life.”

Ian Stanley

(Entrepreneur, Copywriter, Author, and Comedian)

Mike Geary

“Anybody that needs to get away with a great group of guys, get some help with business and personal development and you know and come away like rejuvenated and ready to crush life again.”

Mike Geary

(Founder of Irollie Marketing, Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert)

Nick Hernandez

I really feel this experience has helped me realize some of the ways that I can be not only a better person, but a better father and a husband. So I just want to say thank you, because this, this has been incredible.”

Nicolas Hernandez

(US NAVY Senior Chief, Financial Services Entrepreneur)

Tyler Hall

“It’s just such an amazing way to clear the mind in ways that I hadn’t done before. Sitting there in the sun baking on me and just listening to nature at its finest was just excellent for me. I really enjoyed the peace and quiet actually.”

Tyler Hall

(Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Mygolfingstore)

Jonathan Graham

“The whole experience was great. The time you have in the evenings to reflect and talk with other folks and build relationships, all of those things are all great. So I would say it’s just one thing. It’s the total design of everything.”

Jonathan Graham

(Real Estate Investor, Podcast Host)


Great group of guys. And as far as like mixing business with pleasure, man I’ve never been able to work and not work as such as amazing level ever before in my life and to be a business owner myself and be surrounded by these guys was such an amazing experience for me. I learned a ton. .”

Mark Dambrocio

World-class survival instructor, Entrepreneur, Marine Corps Scout Sniper veteran
Mike Cline

“Those are just really want to do the work to grow I think that’s the part of the coolest part of the Happy Hustle is I’ve been learning which is about getting in sync with your own growth and your harmony with yourself, harmony of growth with life, your business.”

Mike Cline

Founder of Tech Guys Who Get Marketing and Humans Are Good Foundation
Ryan Thompson

“Don’t hesitate. Just connect, get out in nature a little bit. It’s not always work, put down the work and pick up a little play.”

Ryan Thompson

Founder of 10thwhiskey
Sean Groth

My highlight of the trip I think was the business mastermind where we went around and talked about the adversities that everyone was going through with their business. For five minutes, the rest of the group would help answer that question for that person. And some of the similar concept ideas and creative thinking come out of it was just super helpful and I learned a ton from just listening to people..”

Sean Groth

VP of Operations/COO of Elevation Markets
Christian McClure

“Perfect way to disconnect. It’s real, like you’re feeling nothing just any sort of campsite, you feel like you’re in a safe place that you probably wouldn’t be able to just go and see on your own. So it’s been f*ckin awesome!”

Christian McClure

Mindset Expert and Speaker
Zach White

“I live in a digital world. For all the work I do, I’m always on Zoom, I’m always on the computer, and to get out and see this first thing in the morning. And it’s not just like a gentle unplug, it was like ripping the cord out. And it felt amazing. It feels amazing. So you gotta get that nature connection. If you haven’t connected with that, and anytime recently come do it. It’s an unbelievable, amazing.”

Zach White

Founder and CEO of Oasis of Courage, Podcast Host, Lifestyle Engineer Coach


You’ll want to bring an array items but know that less is more and noone cares what you look like it the woods, that’s the beauty of it 😉

  • Hiking Boots (comfortable- make sure to break them in ahead of time)
  • Tent – 2 person max (will provide recommendation or opt to sleep in the luxurious group tent)
  • Sleeping bag – rated for 20 degrees (will provide recommendation)
  • Thermal-Rest (will provide recommendation)
  • Hiking Backpack 30 Liter min (will provide recommendation to group discounted item then its yours to keep)
  • 2 pairs of hiking cargo pants made of waterproof flexible durable fabric + belt
  • 2 Flannel shirts or durable hiking button-up shirts
  • Waterproof warm jacket
  • 2 dri-fit undershirts
  • 1 long sleeve shirt (layers are always ideal for camping)
  • Towel (quick dry microfiber is preferred)
  • Cowboy hat, hiking wide-brimmed or baseball cap
  • 3 pairs of warm socks
  • A beanie and long underwear (might get chilly at night)
  • Waterproof shoes/sandals (no flip flop’s don’t count)
  • Bathing suit
  • Comfortable shorts (or get hiking pants that zip off at the knees and can double as shorts)
  • Sweat pants for sleeping in
  • Sweater for sleeping in
  • Bear spray (optional as we will have plenty & firearms present but yes, there’s bears)
  • Other items to bring: flashlight/headlamp, sunglasses, camping pillow, pocket knife, water bottle, toiletries, leather isulated gloves, etc.

We are going over a wilderness safety, best practices, absolute do’s and don’ts, and much more. There will be a pre-chat video call with everyone roughly a month prior that will provide training protocols, safety protocols, and detailed instructions on how to thrive in the wilderness while staying safe. Also, there will be survival experts and professional outdoorsmen present and available to support you and answer your questions. You will learn a ton on this trip (both personally & professionally) while becoming well-prepared to then go on camping adventures with confidence on your own or with your family in the future!

Only high-level male entrepreneurs who pass the “beer test” are invited. This means you would hypothetically actually want to get a beer with them (although the backcountry portion of the trip will be alcohol/drug free). As per National Forest regulations and in order to preserve the natural environment, we can only take 15 individuals into the wilderness at one time. Hence why selecting the right entrepreneurs is essential. All invitees have been personally vetted and we have strict “no douche-sissy policy”. After all, we will be camping outdoors in the wilderness together and vibes matter. All attendees are making a minimum of 6 figures annually, most 7 and 8 figure earners, some 9. It is an awesome group of successful, heart-centered men who will most likely become your new Happy Hustle brothers for life after bonding through an adventure such as this.

Correct. No phones, no laptops, from Wednesday when we enter the wilderness until the Saturday afternoon when we hike out. Heck you wouldn’t even get service if you did bring em. It is a digital detox. Time for you to unplug and reconnect with your self, your soul, and nature. As well as the other awesome Happy Hustlers who will be there. However, we will have an amazing videographer and photographer capturing epic content for you and group throughout the entire duration. This content will be yours to use freely for your brand and biz afterwards 🙂

We will be in the US National Forest in the Montana Wilderness. The closest town would be Red Lodge, Montana in case you want to look it up. This town is awesome and was voted one of the top 10 mountain towns in the country. Yes, there is wildlife in this area such as bears (both black & brown), moose, mountain lion, wolves, deer, elk, etc. It will be roughly 65-80 degrees in the day time and 35-50 degrees at night time. Perfect temperature range if you ask me. 

Well you’re shit out of luck so be smart and move with purpose. Just kidding, we will have a certified Wilderness First Responder medical professional on staff and present at all times and First Aid Kit ready if needed. However, we will be in the back country wilderness (aka National Forest) and that means once you’re in, no motorized vehicles can enter meaning no ambulance is showing up, we gotta get you out and to help. The nearest hospital is roughly an hour away from the trail head so again, be smart as nature is unforgiving. 

There’s nothing like the great outdoors. Us humans have been living and enjoying the great outdoors or hundreds of thousands of years. It was only within the last 100 years have we really started to live indoors. And in the last 50 years, we have been inundated with technology into our everyday reality. Most of us have lost touch with nature and have been so disconnected from our beautiful planet’s amazing natural environment and it’s benefits. Well new studies show the benefits of being outdoors for 3 days. David Sawyer, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Utah, coined the term The 3-Day Effect. Those in nature for 3 days showed lower prefrontal cortex activity, a brain region that, when overstimulated, is responsible for stress, depression, and anxiety.

Other documented benefits from exposure to 3 days in nature include:

  • Lower Blood Pressure.
  • Improved Memory.
  • Elevated Mood.
  • Better Sleep Quality.
  • Increased Self-Esteem.
  • Better Vitamin Absorption.
  • Stronger Immune System.

So literally exposing yourself to nature has been scientifically shown to improve both mental and physical health. Research has shown that nature sounds or even outdoor silence can lower cortisol, the stress hormone that activates our fight-or-flight response. A nature setting may also correlate to a likelier receptiveness to introspection, positive internal dialogue, and an overall increased happiness. Hence why this trip exists and why it is this duration. 

Book a call to apply and find out if there is availability and second what the investment details are. Pending you qualify and depending on when you reserve your spot, there may be an early-bird discount available. We strive to keep it as fair as possible while providing enough margin to overdeliver massive value. Do note, positive ROI both personally and professionally is almost a guarantee. Heck, multi-million dollar deals were successfully struck on every trip thus far not to mention the individual creative breakthroughs that take place. It’s difficult to put a price tag on a once in a lifetime experience and life-long bonds, but we tried. 

In order to adhere to all National Forest regulations, you are purchasing a business mastermind ticket. However, included in each ticket is healthy meals and drinks for all 4 days in the backcountry, prepared by a professional chef, lodging on arrival day and on the night before departure day, a ride to and from the airport, a badass fly rod, fly fishing kit, flies, line (everything you need to fish), expert fly fishing classes, expert primitive survival classes, a journal, video & photo content of you in the backcountry wilderness to use freely, lifelong friends and much more! *Must purchase fishing license separately.

Given the nature of the event, the upfront costs and the limited spots available, we have a no refund policy on ticket investments. If you have an emergency conflict and are unable to attend this trip you can apply your full ticket investment to the next Montana Mastermind ticket price with 45 days notice (which gives us time to fill your spot). If cancelled within the 45 days of the event dates, we can only apply 50% of your investment to the next ticket purchase price of a future Montana Mastermind and you will sacrifice 50% of your investment. If you cancel within 10 days of the trip your investment with be forfeited with no refund. Once you are in, you are in and we can’t wait to have you on this Epic Camping Adventure!

Fly in and out of Bozeman Int’l Airport before 2pm MT on the scheduled date. You will get picked up then we’ll drive ya to a surprise activity then go spend the night in wilderness near the trailhead. We will do a safety breifing, gear check, and have an awesome cookout before calling it a night as we’ll have a big day in the morning. Then we all hike into basecamp the next morning. There will be additional programming while in the wilderness, but that’s a secret for now ;). Essentially it is a structured yet flexible schedule of business masterminding, learning primitive survival skills, practicing fly fishing. breath work, mediations, primal workouts, downtime, journaling, and much more!

We hike out on Saturday morning, drive to the brewery to celebrate and then enjoy the amazing natural hot springs to soak our bods. We then spend the night in Bozeman at the Bozeman Hotsprings Campground. We get up Sunday morning, soak in the hotsprings once again, eat breakfast and say our goodbyes. We drop you off at the airport were flights are scheduled out of Bozeman Airport on Sunday after 10 am MT! Then we stay connected through the Happy Hustle Club & a private chat top your newfound fellow Happy Hustlers with an exclusive online community! All in all, we pack in as much fun, nature, business, and awesome activities as possible while still making it relaxing so you come back rejuvinated and ready to absolutely crush it both personally and professionally! That’s what the Happy Hustle is all about.


Here’s to Happy Hustlin’ an amazing adventure in the backcountry wilderness!

Dates don't work for ya? Want to come on a winter adventure instead? Check this other option:


Epic SKiing Adventure

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